Preserving Family Memories: How to Display and Preserve Family Photos

Why Are Family Photos Important?

Family photos are a precious record of our lives, and they help preserve the memories that we hold most dear. They help us recall meaningful moments and cherished people, and they provide a tangible connection to our past. However, over time, these photographs can age and deteriorate, so it’s important to take steps to preserve them. Here, we’ll discuss some of the best ways to care for and display your family photos, so that you can enjoy them for generations to come.

Choose the Right Environment

One of the most important ways to preserve family photos is to ensure that they’re kept in a suitable environment. Light, humidity, and temperature can all have a significant impact on the longevity of your photographs. You should avoid exposing your photos to direct sunlight, fluorescent lights or UV rays. A cool, dry environment with moderate temperature is best suited for storing family photos. Avoid storing photos in wet or damp areas as it can cause fungi or moulds to grow on them.

Preserving Family Memories: How to Display and Preserve Family Photos 1

Materials Matter

The materials that you use to store and display your photographs are also critical, as certain materials can speed up the deterioration of your photos. When you store your photos, for example, use archival or acid-free materials to prevent the acid levels in paper or chemicals reacting with the paper that the photograph is printed on. Avoid using plastic bags, vinyl or other materials that can trap moisture and cause the photos to stick to each other. Instead, consider using an acid-free album or boxes with acid-free paper to store loose photos.

Framing Your Family Photos

Another wonderful way to display your family photos is by framing them. Be sure to frame your pictures using museum-quality materials that are acid-free and UV-protected. Avoid using glass that is too close to the photograph, as it can damage it over time by trapping moisture between the glass and the picture. Choose a mat that is acid-free so as not to react with the paper, and avoid cropping the original image which can affect its value and reduce its authenticity. With the right frame and mat insert, you can create a perfect display for cherished family photos that will last a lifetime.

Digital Archiving

Creating a digital archive of your family photos is an excellent way to ensure that they’re preserved for the future. Digital photos can be copied, backed up, and easily shared with family members. You can use your smartphone to scan your photos or have them digitized professionally. One thing to bear in mind though, do you have a backup plan if the storage device or location fails or becomes obsolete? Use cloud based and multiple storage devices to ensure a digital archive that can stand the test of time. To broaden your knowledge of the topic, we recommend visiting this carefully selected external website. Family Photographer Spokane Washington, uncover supplementary details and intriguing perspectives on the topic.


Preserving family memories is vital for ensuring that cherished moments are passed down through generations. Choose a suitable storage environment, use quality materials and select an archival-quality frame and mat insert for your photos that will last for years to come. Finally, digitize your treasured photographs by scanning or photographing them and be sure to keep them safe by backing up files and using cloud storage to keep them preserved forever.

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